Updating your cottage bathroom without over spending

Its spring again! Yay! For everyone who has a 3-season cottage, it is time to start thinking about going to open those water lines do a good thorough cleaning.  Maybe it is time to update your cottage before the summer to allow you to enjoy it even more? 
And if you are lucky enough to have a year-round cottage, there is no reason you wouldn't want to update that one to get ready for the summer season full of guests and entertainment!
It is the place you go to escape your everyday life, to relax, to share time with friends, to recenter and rejuvenate, to take in all of nature's beauty, to enjoy your family, and so much more. 
Your cottage is a wonderful place to go to forget about your day-to-day worries, and so your bathroom (and the entire space of course) should reflect this peaceful sanctuary in its design.
But wait! Its just a country house! I can't afford to update it with new modern and expensive furniture pieces!
YES, you can!  Actually, you will be shocked to see how inexpensive it can be to update your bathroom.  And we have just the selection to help you choose from top quality vanities - that are reduced due to overstock. They are all brand new in closed boxes. Pick yours and start updating your cottage to make it even more dreamy! 
Toulouse wall-mounted vanity
This Milo bathroom vanity will add a modern flair and a rustic feel with the natural wood finish, while not taking up much space in your small bathroom.
Need some tips to get started?  Here are some other easy steps you can take to add to the rustic effect when you are updating your bathroom - and all these ideas come without the hefty price tag.
1. Add natural textures to your space like natural or reclaimed wood (you can literally find some in the barn), rocks and stones are also a lovely addition when you find the right colors and shapes.
Wood and rocks on shelf
2. A splash of paint - or natural wallpaper - will make all the difference and won't break the bank! 
Natural wallpaper in powder room
3. Open shelves made of wood or other natural materials will allow you to display your cottage treasures or gain easy access to your amenities.
4. Add some personalized quotes on the wall that will make you and your guests smile every time you see them.
5. Update your lighting with a new rustic fixture. Maybe you can even make a new light fixture yourself using a tree trunk from the outdoors...
6. Replace those old raggedy towels with some clean fresh ones that are as inviting to use as they are a nice accessory to look at.
Bamboo towels
7. Use hooks on the wall to add a rustic feel and allow for more place to hang towels and bathrobes.
Rustic hooks
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